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"I have had supervision from Ilaria for the last eighteen months. Ilaria has always been exceptional in her supervision, her attention to detail is striking and her insight and analysis always very thought provoking and invaluable for my work. Ilaria attends to the child's process but in parallel she will probe my own process as a therapist. This is not always comfortable but essential in good supervision. Through her guidance I have been able to make some remarkable connections and insights which have really helped my work. I would not hesitate to recommend Ilaria as a supervisor".

Sarah Weldon, Child Counsellor

"Ilaria is reflective and not afraid to prompt me to dig a little deeper and explore what is beneath the surface of any feelings I experience in relation to my work with clients. Ilaria is excellent at helping me tap into my felt sense and she is extremely supportive. I have learnt an incredible amount from Ilaria and I thoroughly recommend her both as a supervisor and as a tutor".

Louise Rylatt, Child Counsellor


"My favourite trainer so far. Very responsive, fantastic delivery of content, responded well to questions and concerns. Used case examples to bring the work to life. She used humour to lighten the mood and keep us engaged. She provided me with enough knowledge to prepare me for my new role" Service Manager
"Your guidance was invaluable. You have a knack of getting to the crux of the matter with pinpoint accuracy and really making me think about myself and the work. It helped me evaluate everything I was doing with so much more depth and emotional connection. Your warmth and humour helped me feel encouraged rather than defeated when things got tough. And this course was tough! It would have been so much harder without your support!"
Pg Dip Student


" You have guided our team with sure hand and a trusting personal touch. Despite the challenges, I really respect how you have carried yourself and appreciate what an amazing job you have done. I hope I have absorbed as much as I can of your leadership style, which is marked by humanity, ethics, and trust above all".

Billy Lansdell, Child Counsellor & Academic Tutor

" Working with you has been a real treat, your depth, culture, kindness and insight are inspiring. It's been a pleasure to be in a team with you. Thank you for everything"

Kelli Swain-Cowper,

Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor